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Category: Local history
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pdf.png Kayl - Miners monument
Created: 2020-01-16 | Size: 2.31 MB | Downloads: 74

Kayl - National miners monument

luxracines, 2020

Names of the miners who died in the Luxembourg mines between 1870 and 1978 and engraved on the plaques of the monument. In addition to the names, the list contains the age, origin and year of death.

Pages: 63 - Language: German

pdf.png Klöppelkrieg
Created: 2012-11-15 | Size: 3.88 MB | Downloads: 98

La guerre des paysans

Guillaume ZORN, 1898

La guerre des paysans au Luxembourg. Histoire du soulèvement du peuple luxembourgeois contre  la tyrannie de la révolution française de 1792 à 1799.

Pages: 238 - Langue: Allemand

pdf.png The Luxembourg clergy HOT
Created: 2019-01-27 | Size: 5.08 MB | Downloads: 216

The Luxembourg clergy since 1801

M. MICHELS, 1940

A statistical compilation of bishops, honorary canons, seminary professors, religion teachers, etc. The parishes are listed individually with the holders, as well as their place of birth and their terms of office. Information on the origin and development of each parish can also be found. The document is a gift from Nicole Mathieu and has been digitized by Rob Deltgen.

Period: 1801-1940 - Pages: 73 - Language: German

pdf.png Luxemburg und Chiny
Created: 2019-01-27 | Size: 8.28 MB | Downloads: 94

The Duchy of Luxembourg and the County of Chiny

Michel Franz Joseph MÜLLER, 1814

Statistical overview of the Duchy of Luxembourg and the County of Chiny before 1795. The main part of the document concerns the individual localities and their belonging to the seigneuries and jurisdictions. A gift by Jang Thoma.

Period: before 1795 - Pages: 56 - Language: German

pdf.png Noms de famille HOT
Created: 2011-12-23 | Size: 4.83 MB | Downloads: 401

Familien-Namen des Grossherzogthums Luxemburg

Dr Nik. MÜLLER, 1886

Les noms de famille du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg. Origine des noms et statistiques du recensement de la population de 1880.

Pages: 58 - Langue: Allemand

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